Skwd0012 – Willie Wallet ‘6AM’

Embark on a mesmerizing journey with Willie Wallet’s latest single release, ‘6am.’ This beautiful techno piece serves as a sonic portal, inviting listeners into the enchanting realm of endless summer nights that seamlessly drift into the next under the endless sun of the North. Single Title: 6am A Techno Reverie: ‘6am’ is more than a

SkwdLP02 – Willie Wallet ‘Complete Emptiness’

Journey into the depths of solitude with Willie Wallet’s poignant album, ‘Complete Emptiness,’ a sonic reflection on the overwhelming emotions brought about by the COVID-19 lockdown. Released before the summer of 2020, this album encapsulates the collective experience of isolation and uncertainty that gripped the world during those unprecedented times. Album Title: Complete Emptiness A

Skwd0011 – Willie Wallet ‘Nuts’ EP

Embark on a sonic journey with Willie Wallet’s dynamic 2020 EP, ‘Nuts’. This four-track masterpiece is a testament to Willie’s ability to craft diverse musical landscapes that captivate from the first beat. Tracklist: 2020 Resonance: ‘Nuts’ made its mark in 2020 as an electrifying addition to Willie Wallet’s discography. The EP not only showcases his

Skwd0009 – Willie Wallet ‘The Chase’

Embark on a haunting auditory journey with Willie Wallet’s 2020 release, ‘Chase’. This enigmatic sonic endeavor showcases Willie’s mastery in crafting a spine-tingling atmosphere, fusing eerie melodies with hypnotic beats. A Sonic Séance: ‘Chase’ delves into the realm of the mysterious, beckoning listeners into a sonic séance where every note resonates with an otherworldly energy.


Willie Wallet is dropping his second release on Skewed records on 27.9.2019. Bonfire is a hypnotic banging Techno track and the single includes also a remix by Tummur. Keep Banging!


Second release from Skewed is techno in it’s purest banging form. Willie Wallet brings his sound to world from Helsinki, Finland which has the best techno producers in the. And Willie is amongst them. Skwd0002 is “Maybe may may be”