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Welcome to Skewed, the unconventional realm of musical exploration curated by Tummur. If you’re ready to dive into our sonic universe, head straight to our music section: Skewed Releases.

Skewed isn’t just a record label; it’s a sonic journey crafted to bring the peculiar and the avant-garde to the world. Led by Tummur, our mission is to provide a platform for artists who defy the norm, allowing them to release music that resonates with their distinctive creativity.

If your musical output is as delightfully skewed as ours, we invite you to join the adventure. Drop us a demo at demos@skewed.info. We’re on the lookout for full tracks that challenge the status quo. Share a private Soundcloud playlist with at least six tracks, and remember, exclusivity is key. If someone has already danced to your beats elsewhere, we’re not hitting play. Cool? Let the sonic distortion begin!

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