About Me: Tummur – Crafting Sonic Journeys ๐ŸŽงโœจ

Hey there, I’m Jali, the sonic architect behind Tummur, where every beat tells a story and every note paints a vivid picture. ๐Ÿš€๐ŸŒŒ

A Beat Enthusiast: I’ve been riding the waves of electronic music since the late ’90s, drawing inspiration from the groundbreaking sounds of Prodigy and the hypnotic beats of techno. My musical journey has been a constant exploration of sonic possibilities.

Pedaling into Themes: 2023, I rediscovered the simple joy of cycling, and that sparked a creative renaissance. Cycling transformed from a physical activity into a guiding theme, steering each musical endeavor. Inspired by Kraftwerk’s “Tour de France” album, my music is a blend of rhythmic cycling energy and the boundless world of electronic beats.

Crafting Sonic Alchemy: Join me in the creative process where speed reveals truth, sampling becomes an art, and contrasting sections engage in a lively dialogue. I love weaving stories into my tracks, turning them into narratives that guide decisions and shape compositions.

The Journey to Release: In the unpredictable world of solo music-making, doubt becomes a signal of readiness. As my tracks approach completion, I loosen my grip, allowing each creation to find its place in the world. I believe in the power of releasing control, letting the music evolve into shared experiences with my audience.

Continued Exploration: The journey doesn’t end here. I’m always exploring new sounds, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Stay tuned for the upcoming mixtape, a culmination of cycling-inspired beats and the stories that have shaped my musical world.

Connect with Me: I invite you to be part of this musical journey. Follow me on Insta ( or TikTok ( for regular updates and join the anticipation for the mixtape release. Let’s connect through the language of beats and explore the boundless world of sound together.

Willie Wallet

Hailing from the vibrant music scene of Helsinki, Finland, Willie Wallet is a seasoned electronic musician whose musical journey spans back to the mid-’90s. With roots deeply embedded in the punk and rock scene of Finland, Willie’s evolution as an artist took a fascinating turn when he discovered the captivating world of electronic music.

In the early years, Willie Wallet was a prominent figure in the Finnish punk and rock circles, carving out his niche and establishing himself as a respected musician. However, it was the magnetic allure of electronic sounds that eventually captured his creative spirit and led him to explore new sonic territories.

As an indie artist, Willie Wallet has left an indelible mark with the release of two albums, showcasing his versatility and unique approach to music production. His sound seamlessly blends the raw energy of his punk-rock roots with the mesmerizing elements of electronic music, creating a sonic palette that is both distinctive and engaging.

Now, Willie Wallet has found a home in the prestigious Skewed Records roster, a testament to his artistic prowess and the recognition he has garnered within the electronic music landscape. With a career that spans decades, Willie Wallet continues to push boundaries and redefine his sound, leaving an indomitable imprint on the ever-evolving electronic music scene.

Join Willie Wallet on a sonic journey that transcends genres, where the echoes of his punk-rock origins merge harmoniously with the pulsating beats of electronic realms. His music is a testament to the timeless nature of artistic exploration, a celebration of a musician who continues to evolve and inspire.