Skwd0011 – Willie Wallet ‘Nuts’ EP

Embark on a sonic journey with Willie Wallet’s dynamic 2020 EP, ‘Nuts’. This four-track masterpiece is a testament to Willie’s ability to craft diverse musical landscapes that captivate from the first beat.


  1. Wait: The EP kicks off with “Wait,” a track that sets the tone with anticipation. Willie Wallet masterfully combines pulsating beats and intricate melodies, drawing listeners into the unfolding sonic narrative.
  2. Monastery: Enter the meditative realm of ‘Monastery,’ where the electronic soundscape mirrors the tranquility of a sacred space. The track invites you to explore a sonic monastery where beats and melodies harmonize in rhythmic meditation.
  3. Tunnel: ‘Tunnel’ takes you on a sonic journey through winding passages and hidden depths. The track’s mesmerizing beats and evolving sounds create an immersive experience, as if traversing a musical tunnel that unfolds with each passing moment.
  4. Nuts: Closing the EP with a burst of energy, ‘Nuts’ delivers a fusion of beats and sounds that exemplify Willie Wallet’s signature style. The title track is a sonic adventure that leaves a lasting impression, showcasing the artist’s ability to craft a captivating electronic finale.

2020 Resonance: ‘Nuts’ made its mark in 2020 as an electrifying addition to Willie Wallet’s discography. The EP not only showcases his growth as an artist but also serves as a sonic testament to his ability to push the boundaries of electronic music.

Immerse Yourself: Whether you’re a seasoned electronic music enthusiast or a newcomer to the genre, ‘Nuts’ invites you to immerse yourself in a sonic experience that transcends the ordinary. Each track is a chapter in Willie Wallet’s sonic story, inviting you to explore the multifaceted landscape of electronic soundscapes.

Embark on a journey with ‘Nuts’ and let Willie Wallet’s sonic vision redefine your expectations of electronic music. Tune in, turn up, and get ready for an EP that crackles with energy, leaving you hungry for more.

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