SkwdLP02 – Willie Wallet ‘Complete Emptiness’

Journey into the depths of solitude with Willie Wallet’s poignant album, ‘Complete Emptiness,’ a sonic reflection on the overwhelming emotions brought about by the COVID-19 lockdown. Released before the summer of 2020, this album encapsulates the collective experience of isolation and uncertainty that gripped the world during those unprecedented times. Album Title: Complete Emptiness A

SkwdLP01 – Tummur ‘We shall call him’

Unveiling Tummur’s Debut Symphony: “We Shall Call Him” 🎶🌌 Hey Sound Explorers, It’s time to rewind and journey back to where it all began – Tummur’s debut album, “We Shall Call Him.” 🚀🎵 The Birth of a Sonic Explorer: In the early part of 2019, armed with a 14-day trial of a software, I dove

Skwd0011 – Willie Wallet ‘Nuts’ EP

Embark on a sonic journey with Willie Wallet’s dynamic 2020 EP, ‘Nuts’. This four-track masterpiece is a testament to Willie’s ability to craft diverse musical landscapes that captivate from the first beat. Tracklist: 2020 Resonance: ‘Nuts’ made its mark in 2020 as an electrifying addition to Willie Wallet’s discography. The EP not only showcases his

Skwd0010 – Tummur ‘Winter Sounds’ EP

Tummur’s Sonic Blizzard: Unveiling “Winter Sounds” EP 🌨️🎶 Hey Sound Explorers, Dive into the winter wonderland of sound with Tummur’s EP release from 2020 – “Winter Sounds.” 🚀🌬️ A Musical Winter Odyssey: In the midst of 2020, as the world navigated unprecedented times, I embarked on a sonic journey, capturing the essence of winter through

Skwd0009 – Willie Wallet ‘The Chase’

Embark on a haunting auditory journey with Willie Wallet’s 2020 release, ‘Chase’. This enigmatic sonic endeavor showcases Willie’s mastery in crafting a spine-tingling atmosphere, fusing eerie melodies with hypnotic beats. A Sonic Séance: ‘Chase’ delves into the realm of the mysterious, beckoning listeners into a sonic séance where every note resonates with an otherworldly energy.