SkwdLP02 – Willie Wallet ‘Complete Emptiness’

Journey into the depths of solitude with Willie Wallet’s poignant album, ‘Complete Emptiness,’ a sonic reflection on the overwhelming emotions brought about by the COVID-19 lockdown. Released before the summer of 2020, this album encapsulates the collective experience of isolation and uncertainty that gripped the world during those unprecedented times. Album Title: Complete Emptiness A

SkwdLP01 – Tummur ‘We shall call him’

Unveiling Tummur’s Debut Symphony: “We Shall Call Him” 🎢🌌 Hey Sound Explorers, It’s time to rewind and journey back to where it all began – Tummur’s debut album, “We Shall Call Him.” πŸš€πŸŽ΅ The Birth of a Sonic Explorer: In the early part of 2019, armed with a 14-day trial of a software, I dove