Tummur explores his beat vision in the eight single from Skewed Records in the midst of the darkest time of the year. Release date 12/20/2019. Heteka is a old bed manufacturer with these bed’s made with steel structures and really bad springs (seen in the singles cover art). We used to have one of these


Seventh release of Skewed records is the first one from Void Complet on the label. Void Complet has made this trippy track with awesome rave chords to shake your pants. On the release there is also Tummur’s breakbeat styled remix. Void Complet made the remix for Tummur’s ‘Cow’s On The Run’ and we are more


Willie Wallet is dropping his second release on Skewed records on 27.9.2019. Bonfire is a hypnotic banging Techno track and the single includes also a remix by Tummur. Keep Banging!


Fourth release is a minimal track from Tummur. This has been quite some time sitting in T’s drawer and now needed something to put out for the fall. T wanted to comment on the Brexit thing even though the Brits are not into the Euros. This track is quite DJ friendly as there is lots


Third release from Skewed is once again from our big bwoi Tummur. Great track “Cows on the Run” for summer vibes is coming with awesome remix by Void Complet. Get your dancing shoes on June 20, 2019.


Second release from Skewed is techno in it’s purest banging form. Willie Wallet brings his sound to world from Helsinki, Finland which has the best techno producers in the. And Willie is amongst them. Skwd0002 is “Maybe may may be”